Apex Healthcare Consulting was created in response to the increasing attacks on medicine and physicians.

Apex's mission is to provide practices and healthcare professionals with the tools to reduce risk and increase profits in a cost-conscious manner.

Whether you are concerned with your exposure to audits, civil and criminal litigation or an inquiry from a state or federal agency, Apex has the team of experts to respond to any threat your practice faces.

Employment Disputes

Disgruntled employees can devastate a practice. From discrimination lawsuits to whistle blower actions, practices have tremendous exposure when they fail to properly handle employee complaints, discipline and termination.  Apex is able to assist you navigate through these delicate situations.

Credentialing Disputes

Apex has extensive experience with Medicare, Medicaid and private insurer revocations and debarments.  Apex is also well versed in the world of hospital denial of credentials and decredentialing matters.  When your livelihood is on the line, trust a company with the right experience.




Social Media Solutions

Negative online reviews can undermine the trust a practice has developed in the community over the years and harm the reputation of its physicians. Apex can present you with options for responding to harmful online attacks and work towards repairing a damaged reputation. 

Federal and State Agencies are targeting practices and healthcare providers across the country.  Every contract a practice or healthcare professional enters into is painfully scrutinized to ensure it does not violate Stark, the Anti-Kickback Statute, the False Claims Act and numerous other state and federal laws.  Are all of your contracts with vendors complaint?  

Is your documentation missing key information that could lead to an overpayment demand or possible Board sanction? Is your EMR setting you up for an audit or worse? Contact us to discovery the hidden risks in your practice!    


Audit Prevention & Response

Audits can cripple a practice.  Pre-payment audits shut off all income to the practice while post payment audits seek to recoup large sums of money that most practices simply cannot afford to repay.  Apex and its network of trusted advisers are up-to-date on all of the laws, regulations, and tactics used by the government and insurers. Let us help you avoid being audited or help you effectively respond to one.  We are experts in the field of audits, contact us to learn more.

Healthcare is more than merely our specialty, it is our passion.  Trust your license and practice with experts.

Apex has the practical solutions to the needs of your practice.  Be it drafting policies and procedures to avoid a potential employment issue or guiding you through an inquiry by a state licensing Board or government agency, we have the experience to provide you with practical solutions to the challenges facing you and your practice. 

Contact Apex today to learn more about our customizable consulting packages.

Contract Review & Negotiation

Ensure your agreements are compliant with all federal and state regulations to avoid criminal and civil liability. Enlist Apex to assist in every healthcare related contract.


Federal, State & Board Investigations and Litigation

Let us help you navigate the treacherous waters of civil and federal litigation, investigations, Board complaints & administrative actions. One misstep could lead to a reporting to the NPDB that could trigger a credentialing nightmare. Put Apex's experience to use to avoid a career altering event.