Increased profits and new potential revenue streams

Audit protection and prevention

Guidance responding to State Medical Board inquiries, complaints and investigations

Guidance responding to federal and state criminal and civil investigations and lawsuits

Risk assessment evaluation and solutions

Assistance responding to pre and post-payment audits and demands for overpayment

Assistance appealing revocation of billing privileges, decredentialing or exclusions from private insurers and CMS

Peace of mind that can only be obtained once you know your practice is compliant

Free medico-legal updates of recent changes that can affect your practice 

Strategies for responding/removing negative online reviews

Litigation support that ensures your insurance appointed attorney has YOUR interests in mind

Compliance review of all contracts and agreements

Preparation of practice documents - from employee handbooks to social media policies

Solutions to your practice's everyday needs at a fraction of the price of national firms


HIPAA/HITECH Security Experts

Cybersecurity is more important now than ever for practices. Hackers are targeting small practices at a higher rate and with greater success. Apex can help you assess your risk level and expose weaknesses to avoid potential breaches.

Healthcare Statisticians

Apex works with statisticians  who will help you attack an audit, sampling and extrapolation to help you defeat, or at a least minimize, an demand for repayment from insurers. 

Healthcare Counsel

Attorneys, like physicians, specialize. Don't trust your license or practice to unqualified attorneys.  Our legal counsel specializes in healthcare and understands the intricacies of your practice and licensure issues. 

Apex Healthcare Consulting was created in response to the increasing attacks on medicine and physicians. Apex's mission is to provide practices and healthcare professionals with the tools to reduce risk and increase profits in a cost-conscious manner.

The cost of doing business for healthcare professionals has increased drastically. Unfortunately, reimbursements from Medicare and private insurers has not kept pace with the increasing overhead.

This has created a perfect storm where physicians and practices are falling victims to predatory vendors and attempting shortcuts that in the end can cost a physician his or her license, if not freedom, and shut down a practice. 

Apex's goal is to provide sound consultation to medical practices, regardless of its size, to ensure it is compliant, responsible and maximizing its profit potential. 

Whether you are thinking of entering into the world of telemedicine to open up a new revenue stream or need help responding to a large overpayment demand, trust Apex to provide you with sound and practical solutions.

Apex wants you to focus on practicing medicine.  Let Apex worry about everything else.

Certified Coders & Billing Experts

Apex works exclusively with certified coders and billing experts who hold respected national certifications and are leaders in their field.  Whether your practice needs training, an expert witness or assistance responding to a subpoena, we have the expert for you! 



Vetted Vendors and Brokers

Apex has done the work for you. Whether you need an Electronic Medical Records system, a collection agency or medical supplies, Apex will set you up with trusted and vetted vendors and contractors.  

Apex only works with vetted experts, companies, vendors, analysts and brokers who specialize in healthcare.  We help you ensure that your practice is not under-insured or uninsured when you need coverage the most and that you enter into contracts with trusted vendors.